Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cirque Never Nude

The sun wasn't out today, so I wasn't able to truly capture the beauty of this polish. This is Cirque Never Nude, part of the same collection as Tibetan Nights. Never Nude is a bronze beige linear holo that dries to a semi gritty finish. Top coat is a must if you want your nails to be smooth to the touch. I used two coats for the pictures above, without top coat. Unlike other holos I've tried, I actually like the way Never Nude looks when the lighting makes it look flat (when it doesn't look holographic). Never Nude is a very pretty shade, and dried lightning fast. I think this would look good on everyone - it's a neutral-warm shade that would compliment any outfit without looking out of place.
Never Nude can be purchased here for $16.

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