Thursday, April 19, 2012

Comparison of Estee Lauder Molten Lava and RBL Piu Mosso

In my first post, I mentioned that one of the nail polishes I got was similar to a nail polish which was inspired by a hurricane. Today, I have for your enjoyment swatches of Estee Lauder Molten Lava and RBL Piu Mosso.
Edit: Click here for Molten Lava's formal review.
This and the next 12 were taken indoors with flash

Piu Mosso was released last fall

...while Molten Lava was released this spring

Their base colors are different

It's hard to capture Piu Mosso's shimmer while it's upright!

Piu Mosso is dark blue, while Molten Lava is purple

Estee Lauder bottles are bulky, to say the least

Piu Mosso has .4oz compared to Molten Lava's .3oz

In their boxes

Molten Lava looks brown -_- It's next to DL Across the Universe

Piu Mosso is the one on the left (middle is A England Saint George, right is Cult Nails Time Traveler)

Molten Lava's shimmer is more apparent than Piu Mosso's indoor and outdoor (still looks brown)

Marvel at the shimmery goodness of Piu Mosso (natural lighting)

Molten Lava is more purple than this

Molten Lava is a purple-taupe shade with copper shimmer that glows in the sunlight. Unlike Piu Mosso, you can see it's shimmer indoors as well. If you like purple, missed out on Piu Mosso, or want a shade similar to it, get this. This is a limited edition shade that can be bought in high end department stores and on their websites for $19.

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