Tuesday, April 24, 2012

IKB 2012

 IKB 2012 is a bright blurple jelly that dries quickly. That summarizes the good points of the polish. The consistency of it is unlike that of any RBL I've tried in the past. The application was hard to maneuver, partly due to the fact that the rim of the bottle was halfway sealed with said thick polish. Instead of the smooth 2 coat finish I expected from it, this one takes three thick (think goopy) coats. The first coat went on streaky, but the second coat smoothed things out a little. Only with a third coat could I achieve a smooth surface that was opaque. I expected a better formula for a nail polish that costs $20, but I don't regret the purchase. I don't own anything like this, as the color is completely different from anything I've seen. I like the color, but I don't love the polish.
Edit: IKB chipped on me less than a day later... Kinda bummed about that.

The most color accurate

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