Saturday, June 16, 2012

Linear Holos!

The sun was out this week, so I decided to try out a couple of gorgeous linear holos!
First up is OPI DS Sapphire. I got this a couple of days ago at CVS for *drumroll please* $7.29. I was really happy about the price, since this sells for $20+ on Ebay :D
This gem is a linear light blue holo that is noticeably holographic even with artificial light. It was sheer (I used three coats) and had a distinctive scent, different from the other OPI I own. I don't own any OPI that have the old formula, so it might be due to that. One thing I have to note is that the holographic effect you get on your nails is not as strong (not by much, mind you) as what you see in the bottle. I'm wearing this right now, and so far (one day), I haven't experienced any chips or tip wear. I used one coat of Poshe in the pictures below.
EDIT: After 10 days of wear, I had minor tip wear and some chipping on one of my nails. Pretty good for a holo, don't you think?

 The next polish I have is Nubar Reclaim, a beautiful grassy green holo. Unlike OPI DS Sapphire, the formula for this one was perfect. The holographicness (yes, I create new words) of this polish was very strong, stronger than the OPI. I wore this for a week and only had some tip wear before I removed this. I used two coats (you could get away with one if you are a careful), no top coat. I got this on Amazon for $8 (including shipping).

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